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What are the menisci?

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The menisci are fibrochondrial lunar formations located within the knee that function to increase the contact area between the thigh and tibia and reduce the pressure between the two articular surfaces.

How are they injured?

The menisci are injured as a result of abnormal usually rotational loads although a significant percentage of patients with meniscus rupture have no history of injury.

Does meniscus rupture involve surgery?

Meniscus rupture does not necessarily mean surgery. The indications for surgery after meniscus rupture are:

a. episodes of entanglement (inability to extend the knee) and
b. pain and discomfort that prevent the injured person from doing what he wants in life (work, hobbies)
The treatment of the ruptures of the meniscus is done arthroscopically by removing the unstable parts and in some cases if the configuration of the rupture allows it with suturing. Complete recovery after a normal partial meniscectomy takes about a month and the patient leaves the hospital the same day or the next day after surgery.