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Hip arthritis

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Hip arthritis is the gradual destruction of articular cartilage in the hip joint that can be caused by injury, autoimmune disease, inflammation or idiopathic. Pain causes a significant deterioration in the quality of life, adversely affecting the daily lives of many people in their sixth, seventh and eighth decades of life. The final solution to this difficult situation is total hip arthroplasty, an operation in which the abnormal surfaces are replaced with an artificial joint.

Surgery today

In the past, this operation was performed through large incisions with injury to the underlying muscles and significant blood loss. Total hip arthroplasty is now performed by my team with anterior access (the only one that does not disrupt the muscles in the area) with a mini incision, the least possible blood loss and the least possible tissue disruption, with fast track protocol so that the vast majority of patients to be mobilized on the same or the next day without aids or with a single stick initially and without the need for a blood transfusion.

Why with Us

The surgeries performed in some of the largest and best private hospitals in Greece, the diligent surgical technique and the use of the best tested materials by the largest companies in the field contribute to maintaining a very low percentage of complications (inflammation, dislocation, fracture, minor injury to vessels and nerves).


Robotic surgery using occasional robotic assistance with systems such as Stryker's Mako and others can help in difficult cases.

After Surgery

The patient's support does not stop with the surgery or the discharge from the hospital but continues at home supervising the rehabilitation with physiotherapy, tips for modifying the space to be friendlier and safer. Home visits for follow-up, verification and timely troubleshooting.

Our goal is to help you deal with the problem of arthritis and lead you to a quality and active life.