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Knee Pain

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Knee pain in people in the sixth, seventh and eighth decades of life very often indicates the destruction of articular cartilage resulting in the bones rubbing against each other causing severe pain and difficulty in movement.


Articular cartilage destruction can be the result of a gradual process of wear and tear of unknown etiology (idiopathic osteoarthritis) or after injury, rheumatic disease or inflammation. Depending on your severity, age and expectations, you may be offered a range of therapies such as arthroscopy, osteotomies or single-compartment arthroplasty. The ultimate solution to this problem is total knee arthroplasty, a surgery where we replace the damaged joint with an artificial one and is the "golden rule" for treating osteoarthritis.

Why with Us

The use of diligent minimally invasive surgical technique with the least tissue disruption (subvastus approach) as well as the treatment of all possible sources of pain and the implementation of a fast track protocol allows the immediate mobilization of the vast majority of patients the same or the next day without assistance or with a cane. Performing surgery in some of the largest and best private hospitals, paying attention to asepsis and hemostasis and using proven excellent prostheses helps to maintain the rate of complications such as inflammation, bleeding, thrombosis, stiffness, nerve injury and postoperative pain as little as possible. For some special cases, a robotic assistance machine such as Stryker's Mako can be used.

Our goal is not just to give you a functional knee, but the smooth and safe transition from surgery and hospital to your home and daily life. Our goal is to return to an active and healthy living, forgetting that you have had surgery, something that in the English literature is characterized as "the forgotten knee".